Monthly Archives: May 2008

Making A Living Part II

Out of touch with the new lingo

I was shown to be out of touch with the current generation when in this month’s installment, I used the Xbox as the game console of choice and was admonished by my friend.
It’s of course a Wii that is all the rage.

And that was enough ammunition for me to draw my next comic, as it triggered a host of ideas.

Twisted ides, of course.


New Ideas

OK, the newest idea involves the son discovering how his dad snared his wife and then how he made a living at the castle in Francyvlania.
It’ll work, trust me. It involves the dad being fired as the castle mascot and being banished to kitchen duty for fondling passion fruit.

Another idea involves the dad getting stuck doing the laundry and realizing there is no suitable detergent for removing “racing stripes” in his underwear, and he devises a product that does and becomes a millionaire. Which he then loses subsequently on some bad bet. Or hookers and drugs. Lots of potential for scatological jokes.

Stanko & Tibor

Dad & son

Ok, now it’s for the world to see. Stanko & Tibor. My creation, my humor, my brain, my talent.
I want you to laugh or be insulted, but just read it.
Live it, breathe it, shake your fist at it. I don’t care.