New Ideas

OK, the newest idea involves the son discovering how his dad snared his wife and then how he made a living at the castle in Francyvlania.
It’ll work, trust me. It involves the dad being fired as the castle mascot and being banished to kitchen duty for fondling passion fruit.

Another idea involves the dad getting stuck doing the laundry and realizing there is no suitable detergent for removing “racing stripes” in his underwear, and he devises a product that does and becomes a millionaire. Which he then loses subsequently on some bad bet. Or hookers and drugs. Lots of potential for scatological jokes.


3 responses to “New Ideas

  1. “Racing stripes” concept = Brilliant! And suitably deranged.

    I’ve been really enjoying the work so far! Glad you’re able to keep ’em coming regularly.

    Quick note of unsolicited feedback – I find it sometimes hard to follow which word balloon comes first in each panel, as my eyes are inclined to progress from top to bottom (rather than just left to right) for reading comics, especially when the panels are laid out vertically. I leave it to you to figure out whether or how to adjust panel layout for that…

    I’m delighted that you now have this regular forum to exhibit all the talent that landed you in penitentiary in the first place.

    – Leonard

  2. is that really a photo of Nick Nolte in the background? Do you suppose he has photos of gargoyles in his home? Just wondering.

  3. You’re obviously an unrecognized genius. Hail to thee!

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