Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

Back Into Oblivion – Sort Of

OK, so many of you have heard me moan and complain and boorch and kvetch over the death of my Mac. I was lucky enough that I:

  1. found the Unger Report on the web again to distract me from my real work
  2. My best friend’s wife helped me get back on computing feet with a PC for a few months until I can afford a new one

So, now that I have liberated the required software from the evildoers of the plant, I can slowly cartoon my way back to stardom. I have a massive smoked meat habit I have to feed.

And, Kirsten was so tired of yelling at me to stop banging my head against the wall as the blood stains clash with our sofa color. But the kids kept encouraging me to smash my head harder.

Maybe, if there is a tax god and we get a return of more than $8.00, or we just don’t wind up owing any money to the government again (Quebec sucks!!), I may splurge and get a refurbished Mac.

May the cartoon gods bless you all.