Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Delays

Quite simply, there are so many things to do in life that it delays the cartoon. the all-precious, all-consuming and sadly, the happiest part of my evening (especially after we have put the little monsters to bed, those youth-robbing, hairline-razing, rage-inducing little pots of love).

So as the delays pile up, I fall behind on the cartoon. But I have ideas galore. They get jotted down in an email and sent to my Google mail so i can use them later on. When I have free time to cartoon. Which since we bought this hideous house, is, well, never.

I will have my revenge one day. (Someone cue the evil laugh and music.) Now I am off as I must ee and frankly, if that don’t trump all, I don’t know what does.


Schemes & Plans — & Weirdness

Looking for work means desperation

Looking for work means desperation

Well, this one needs some explanation. This was one of those ideas for a comic that was borne of sleep deprivation, no exercise, poor diet and just plain weirdness. Sure, it made me laugh when i thought of the text while in the bathroom, where as it happens most of my ideas come to me. (I know, you are shocked.)

For the uninformed, Freddie Mercury was the bi-sexual lead singer of Queen who was fond of gyrating his hips, in, at and around all kinds of men and women. And man, did it cost him.

All the same, I had to publish this one as it was rattling around in my brain and it finally made its way on to the screen.

I know, you are all embarrassed to even make mention of this comic, but hey, if it doesn’t come out in this format, it will come out at work, and then I’ll get fired and have to come up with bizarre schemes and plans just to make a living.