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Back from Oblivion

The truth about dialog

The truth about dialog

It was way too long in coming, but I finally managed to post a new cartoon. Not for lack of ideas, but for lack of time, caring, energy. Also I was filled with rage over buying this house so my thoughts ended to get sidetracked.

And the fleas. We had billions o the critters in our house and 3 exterminator waves of chemical death later, it seems to have abated sufficiently for me to sit down at the rapidly aging Mac and draw.

The content of the comic isn’t very good nor is it well drawn, but it’s up there.

And more will follow.


The Departed Has Returned

Many thought, nay, dare I say hoped and prayed that Stanko & Tobor had departed this world in favor of more family-friendly entertainment. Well tough noogies. The resurrection is nigh. They’ll be back shortly in their latest cartoon adventure once the fleas have stopped biting my ankles and the poisonous powder has stopped making me dizzy and cough blood.
Wagons ho!

Big Oil and The Hostage

The metaphor of the gun was just too good to be true

The metaphor of the gun was just too good to be true

You know how everything is getting more and more expensive and we keep getting less and less for our money, well in this month’s installment of the comic I added one whole frame. Yes a fifth frame for the price of 4. If that isn’t a fair deal, I don’t know what is. Value for our readers.

The topic of thievery plays a strong role in this comic and this blog. Thieves stole my sleep, my youth, and worse, big oil thieves steal my hard earned cash every time I go shopping. Sure, if I were a good environmentalist, I’d say this is a spur to find alternative energy sources. And it is. But I still have to pay those scum every time I go to the gas station…

This one comic took a while to come out although the idea was there for quite some time. In fact the idea was there minutes after the last one was put up, but bless those little sleep-thieves I call dependents, they have been making my cartooning time quite limited. But they did give me time to work on the dialogue and it was a late night epiphany so to speak when the text for frame 4 with the metaphor for the image came into my head. I guess sleep deprivation at the hands of your kids can be considered creative destruction (of my brain cells).

And speaking of creative, I have created an online store with the help of my friend Rick. It’s at The look is lame and that will improve with time, but you can by t-shirts and other swag with the comic on it. Please support me in my bid to free myself from the world of corporate slavery by buying and promoting this comic in t-shirt form.

Now that Jesse Jackson has given me fodder with anti-Obama “I’ll cut his nuts off” comment, I know I can begin on the next cartoon immediately.