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Back from Oblivion

The truth about dialog

The truth about dialog

It was way too long in coming, but I finally managed to post a new cartoon. Not for lack of ideas, but for lack of time, caring, energy. Also I was filled with rage over buying this house so my thoughts ended to get sidetracked.

And the fleas. We had billions o the critters in our house and 3 exterminator waves of chemical death later, it seems to have abated sufficiently for me to sit down at the rapidly aging Mac and draw.

The content of the comic isn’t very good nor is it well drawn, but it’s up there.

And more will follow.


The Big Switch

I am trying out a new blog engine, so here is the first attempt. We’ll see if it’s easier on the eyes and to manage. Sure, I may be doing because I am a slave to the latest web craze, but self-promotion is an art and I have no shortage of friends and family who can tell me how best to do it.

And I will. This comic is my outlet.

Making A Living Part II

Out of touch with the new lingo

I was shown to be out of touch with the current generation when in this month’s installment, I used the Xbox as the game console of choice and was admonished by my friend.
It’s of course a Wii that is all the rage.

And that was enough ammunition for me to draw my next comic, as it triggered a host of ideas.

Twisted ides, of course.