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The Delays

Quite simply, there are so many things to do in life that it delays the cartoon. the all-precious, all-consuming and sadly, the happiest part of my evening (especially after we have put the little monsters to bed, those youth-robbing, hairline-razing, rage-inducing little pots of love).

So as the delays pile up, I fall behind on the cartoon. But I have ideas galore. They get jotted down in an email and sent to my Google mail so i can use them later on. When I have free time to cartoon. Which since we bought this hideous house, is, well, never.

I will have my revenge one day. (Someone cue the evil laugh and music.) Now I am off as I must ee and frankly, if that don’t trump all, I don’t know what does.


Schemes & Plans — & Weirdness

Looking for work means desperation

Looking for work means desperation

Well, this one needs some explanation. This was one of those ideas for a comic that was borne of sleep deprivation, no exercise, poor diet and just plain weirdness. Sure, it made me laugh when i thought of the text while in the bathroom, where as it happens most of my ideas come to me. (I know, you are shocked.)

For the uninformed, Freddie Mercury was the bi-sexual lead singer of Queen who was fond of gyrating his hips, in, at and around all kinds of men and women. And man, did it cost him.

All the same, I had to publish this one as it was rattling around in my brain and it finally made its way on to the screen.

I know, you are all embarrassed to even make mention of this comic, but hey, if it doesn’t come out in this format, it will come out at work, and then I’ll get fired and have to come up with bizarre schemes and plans just to make a living.

The Birthday Gift

This is the way it really is

This is the way it really is

So mom’s 70th birthday came and went and with some fanfare, I might add.  It was the same weekend as Ken & Ilona’s wedding so everyone who could be there was in the room.

So I had this idea for a gift for mom – a unique gift, only one that I could create. So the idea for the comic was born and it took its inspiration from my years of being a son. Who has profitted from his mother’s wisdom, but endured some typical offspring suffering as a result. No doubt the suffering was a two-way street.

So the text you see is real life. DOesn’t get much more real than that.

But the best part was simply that mom loved the gift. She has a print version of it and will be hanging it up in her condo soon (with my help).

Back Into Oblivion – Sort Of

OK, so many of you have heard me moan and complain and boorch and kvetch over the death of my Mac. I was lucky enough that I:

  1. found the Unger Report on the web again to distract me from my real work
  2. My best friend’s wife helped me get back on computing feet with a PC for a few months until I can afford a new one

So, now that I have liberated the required software from the evildoers of the plant, I can slowly cartoon my way back to stardom. I have a massive smoked meat habit I have to feed.

And, Kirsten was so tired of yelling at me to stop banging my head against the wall as the blood stains clash with our sofa color. But the kids kept encouraging me to smash my head harder.

Maybe, if there is a tax god and we get a return of more than $8.00, or we just don’t wind up owing any money to the government again (Quebec sucks!!), I may splurge and get a refurbished Mac.

May the cartoon gods bless you all.

Money Worries? Never.

No More Money for Me

No More Money for Me

Hey, there’s a poll you can do for this comic to rate it. Go ahead. See if I care.

Well, it has been a very long time, and I am sure you thought I was dead, or I had given up hope on cartooning once I realized I have no money for a down payment on a house anymore. Or maybe you thought, good riddance. I hate his spam mail anyway.

But fear not my friend, Romans and countrymen, women and outlanders. I am back. And Just because my savings have been halved and we can’t afford a house doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of it. What do they call it? Denial? Or is it willful stupidity? I always get those two confused.

All the same. The money game has crushed the little man and what are we going to do about it. Nothing cuz we don’t want a revolution, it takes too much time away from dinner and TV. o we live with it and hope it gets better one day. Great attitude? No, just great meds.

via Stanko & Tibor’s Weblog

Olympic Fun ‘n Games

It's all about harmony and freedom

Olympic Fun 'n Games

Well, with all the talk and press coverage on the Beijing Olympics, the scandal, the lack of freedom, the nationalism, the pollution, the cheating and general corporate whoring, I couldn’t resist poking some fun at the “games.”

And since China just loves to lie to everyone, and spy on them too, they need a little comeuppance, even if it by little old me.

I wish I had posted this cartoon sooner, but normal life got in the way of cartooning and the next thing you know, a month goes by. Oh well, as long as it’s out there.

I really should put some tracking code in my pages to see who actually visits my comic. Maybe I am turning Communist Chinese. No wait, I have some scruples and a sense of humor, so I can’t be a party member.

New Ideas

OK, the newest idea involves the son discovering how his dad snared his wife and then how he made a living at the castle in Francyvlania.
It’ll work, trust me. It involves the dad being fired as the castle mascot and being banished to kitchen duty for fondling passion fruit.

Another idea involves the dad getting stuck doing the laundry and realizing there is no suitable detergent for removing “racing stripes” in his underwear, and he devises a product that does and becomes a millionaire. Which he then loses subsequently on some bad bet. Or hookers and drugs. Lots of potential for scatological jokes.