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Schemes & Plans — & Weirdness

Looking for work means desperation

Looking for work means desperation

Well, this one needs some explanation. This was one of those ideas for a comic that was borne of sleep deprivation, no exercise, poor diet and just plain weirdness. Sure, it made me laugh when i thought of the text while in the bathroom, where as it happens most of my ideas come to me. (I know, you are shocked.)

For the uninformed, Freddie Mercury was the bi-sexual lead singer of Queen who was fond of gyrating his hips, in, at and around all kinds of men and women. And man, did it cost him.

All the same, I had to publish this one as it was rattling around in my brain and it finally made its way on to the screen.

I know, you are all embarrassed to even make mention of this comic, but hey, if it doesn’t come out in this format, it will come out at work, and then I’ll get fired and have to come up with bizarre schemes and plans just to make a living.


The Birthday Gift

This is the way it really is

This is the way it really is

So mom’s 70th birthday came and went and with some fanfare, I might add.  It was the same weekend as Ken & Ilona’s wedding so everyone who could be there was in the room.

So I had this idea for a gift for mom – a unique gift, only one that I could create. So the idea for the comic was born and it took its inspiration from my years of being a son. Who has profitted from his mother’s wisdom, but endured some typical offspring suffering as a result. No doubt the suffering was a two-way street.

So the text you see is real life. DOesn’t get much more real than that.

But the best part was simply that mom loved the gift. She has a print version of it and will be hanging it up in her condo soon (with my help).

Back from Oblivion

The truth about dialog

The truth about dialog

It was way too long in coming, but I finally managed to post a new cartoon. Not for lack of ideas, but for lack of time, caring, energy. Also I was filled with rage over buying this house so my thoughts ended to get sidetracked.

And the fleas. We had billions o the critters in our house and 3 exterminator waves of chemical death later, it seems to have abated sufficiently for me to sit down at the rapidly aging Mac and draw.

The content of the comic isn’t very good nor is it well drawn, but it’s up there.

And more will follow.

Big Oil Syas We’re Screwed

Been away for a couple of weeks, sick, dealing with the kids and work. But always thinking of the next cartoon.

Well, this idea came to me while at the gym. Watching the TV while on the stationary bike. And then comes a commercial with the CEO of ExxonMobil trying to polish his image. I laughed out loud even though I couldn’t hear the commercial as I was listening to Lewis Black on my iPod. That was funny. This commercial was verging on the absurd.
Stop lying to us!!! You rich son-of-a-B!! Just tell us we are screwed. Or let me tell it to you via the cartoon.

Enjoy this one, it gave me pleasure to vent this way.

Politics Anyone?

Getting a the Dem ticket to work together ain\'t easy

You know, this one sounded so much better in my head than when I read the final product. Somehow I lost it in translation from brain to page. Frustrating. But let’s be honest, Obama and Hillary are two mega egos. But if Hillary does accept the VP post, this will make Bill Clinton’ look like an id in a candy shop! He’ll try and screw anything that’s not nailed down in the white house.

More topically speaking, I think I need to go into the whole “price of gas” thing. There’s something brewing with the whole Rex Tillerson ad on CNN. He’s trying to come across as being caring. That just can’t be right…

I think I am on to something here…