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GOP v. Dems v. Jesse Jackson

You know, after I saw Jesse Jackson make his oh-so classy comment on TV, I knew I had great material to work with. It’s just another example of reality being stranger than fiction. But in politics, reality is much stranger than any acid trip.

Jesse is a bitter man, who isn’t as relevant as he once was. He’s just a good inflammatory TV personality to have on, sort of like Tony Randall on Letterman, just much more insane. So, why not be outrageous. He has been his whole career. And why stop now.

I also felt that McCain could use some press, any press. Poor guy, he campaigns like a son-of-a-B and Obama gets all the press. Sure, he’s 72 and that’s all people can focus on, but cut him some slack. Although he shouldn’t admit out loud he doesn’t know how to use the internet. Not a good idea in this media-driven age.

One last note, this comic would have gone up sooner, but family natters took precedence, so it was delayed by a good week or so. I’ll try and get back in the saddle again soon.


Politics Anyone?

Getting a the Dem ticket to work together ain\'t easy

You know, this one sounded so much better in my head than when I read the final product. Somehow I lost it in translation from brain to page. Frustrating. But let’s be honest, Obama and Hillary are two mega egos. But if Hillary does accept the VP post, this will make Bill Clinton’ look like an id in a candy shop! He’ll try and screw anything that’s not nailed down in the white house.

More topically speaking, I think I need to go into the whole “price of gas” thing. There’s something brewing with the whole Rex Tillerson ad on CNN. He’s trying to come across as being caring. That just can’t be right…

I think I am on to something here…