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Back from Oblivion

The truth about dialog

The truth about dialog

It was way too long in coming, but I finally managed to post a new cartoon. Not for lack of ideas, but for lack of time, caring, energy. Also I was filled with rage over buying this house so my thoughts ended to get sidetracked.

And the fleas. We had billions o the critters in our house and 3 exterminator waves of chemical death later, it seems to have abated sufficiently for me to sit down at the rapidly aging Mac and draw.

The content of the comic isn’t very good nor is it well drawn, but it’s up there.

And more will follow.


The Departed Has Returned

Many thought, nay, dare I say hoped and prayed that Stanko & Tobor had departed this world in favor of more family-friendly entertainment. Well tough noogies. The resurrection is nigh. They’ll be back shortly in their latest cartoon adventure once the fleas have stopped biting my ankles and the poisonous powder has stopped making me dizzy and cough blood.
Wagons ho!