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Olympic Fun ‘n Games

It's all about harmony and freedom

Olympic Fun 'n Games

Well, with all the talk and press coverage on the Beijing Olympics, the scandal, the lack of freedom, the nationalism, the pollution, the cheating and general corporate whoring, I couldn’t resist poking some fun at the “games.”

And since China just loves to lie to everyone, and spy on them too, they need a little comeuppance, even if it by little old me.

I wish I had posted this cartoon sooner, but normal life got in the way of cartooning and the next thing you know, a month goes by. Oh well, as long as it’s out there.

I really should put some tracking code in my pages to see who actually visits my comic. Maybe I am turning Communist Chinese. No wait, I have some scruples and a sense of humor, so I can’t be a party member.


GOP v. Dems v. Jesse Jackson

You know, after I saw Jesse Jackson make his oh-so classy comment on TV, I knew I had great material to work with. It’s just another example of reality being stranger than fiction. But in politics, reality is much stranger than any acid trip.

Jesse is a bitter man, who isn’t as relevant as he once was. He’s just a good inflammatory TV personality to have on, sort of like Tony Randall on Letterman, just much more insane. So, why not be outrageous. He has been his whole career. And why stop now.

I also felt that McCain could use some press, any press. Poor guy, he campaigns like a son-of-a-B and Obama gets all the press. Sure, he’s 72 and that’s all people can focus on, but cut him some slack. Although he shouldn’t admit out loud he doesn’t know how to use the internet. Not a good idea in this media-driven age.

One last note, this comic would have gone up sooner, but family natters took precedence, so it was delayed by a good week or so. I’ll try and get back in the saddle again soon.

Big Oil Syas We’re Screwed

Been away for a couple of weeks, sick, dealing with the kids and work. But always thinking of the next cartoon.

Well, this idea came to me while at the gym. Watching the TV while on the stationary bike. And then comes a commercial with the CEO of ExxonMobil trying to polish his image. I laughed out loud even though I couldn’t hear the commercial as I was listening to Lewis Black on my iPod. That was funny. This commercial was verging on the absurd.
Stop lying to us!!! You rich son-of-a-B!! Just tell us we are screwed. Or let me tell it to you via the cartoon.

Enjoy this one, it gave me pleasure to vent this way.